Our Process

Illinois Green Pastures is a non-profit organization that is passionate about helping local farmers. Our strategy and process consist of two things: marketing and education. Our program is aimed at educating the farmer and his or her workers so they can farm better, be sustainable, and get their products on the market. The next step in the program involves marketing. We set up and start the marketing process and also teach the farmer or another person that will be responsible for it, how to keep it running.
Our Process

Farmers are very important to the survival of mankind. They are often overlooked and taken for granted. Illinois Green Pastures aims to change this. No matter whether the farmer produces fiber or fresh produce, they need support.
Our two-part process works like this:
1. Education
We visit farms and explain to the farmers why they need our services. Many of these farmers have no idea how to market or that they should be marketing to get ahead. A lot of the farmers that we visit simply rely on people buying their products the few times a month they visit the city. We want to change this.
We sit with the farmer and his or her workers and we teach them about better management and marketing. We give them learning materials and offer them assistance in understanding. This process can take up to a month or even longer.
2. Marketing
The second part of the process is to get the farmer and his goods into the world. We set up marketing tools that the farmer and his team will be able to manage without us. We explain the importance and the benefits of proper marketing and make sure that they know how to do this.
Each person we try to help is unique and we adjust our process accordingly. We have helped more than 100 farmers in the 5 years we have been active.