6 Ways in Which Local Farmers Benefit from Farmers’ Markets

Illinois Green Pastures often come across fiber producers and other farmers who don’t fully understand why they should be marketing their products and selling them at local markets and to local companies. Selling at a farmers’ market is very valuable and has many benefits that they may not have when selling to big companies or supermarkets. These are the benefits of selling at a farmers’ market:
No middleman. When you sell your products directly to the public, you cut out the middleman and keep more of the profits for yourself.

You get to learn first-hand. At a farmers’ market, you have the opportunity to get feedback on what the customers want and what they are willing to pay. If you try a new sales approach or change a product, you will very quickly know whether it works or not. It is basically free research.
You save on packaging costs. Another reason why you can keep prices reasonable and save yourself some money. When you sell at a farmers’ market, you don’t need a lot of packaging and you most likely transport it yourself. This means lower production costs.
You determine the price. When you’re selling your stuff, you can decide what the price should be. No-one can tell you to sell for less than you want and you can keep prices low because you keep most of the profits.
You sell what you have. No-one determines how much or how little you can sell. You bring what you’ve got and you sell as much as you can.
You will have cash flow. The biggest problem that many businesses struggle with, is cash flow. During the months when you will be selling at the farmers’ market, you will never have a cash flow problem. From May to October, you will be golden.
When it comes to raw fiber, you may think it is not suited to a farmers’ market. However, bigger companies and other producers often visit these markets to find vendors and suppliers. Selling at a farmers’ market may be your ticket to the big time.

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