6 Health Benefits of Fiber that All Small-Holding Farmers Must Know

Fiber is a crucial part of the human diet. Part of the Illinois Green Pastures’ goals is to make sure that fiber producers understand the value of their product and why it is important to get it to formal markets. For today’s educational piece, we look at the benefits of fiber in the human diet.

It promotes weight loss – Many people in our country is either overweight or obese due to poor lifestyle choices and other factors. This puts them at great risk of developing diabetes. Fiber helps your body to feel full and makes you eat less. This helps in weight loss programs.
It helps control your blood sugar – The right kind of fiber will slow down your body’s breakdown of carbohydrates that become sugar. This helps to give you energy for longer and also controls your blood sugar.
It promotes better skin health – The fiber that we get from psyllium husk and other products helps the body to get rid of yeast and fungus. This helps because it moves out before it can be excreted through your skin and cause acne and other skin conditions.

It helps your heart – Studies have proven that a diet that is high in fiber can reduce the risk of heart problems by up to 40%. Healthy fiber and enough of it in your diet can help you live longer and healthier.
It helps with IBS – Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) has increased in the recent years. Eating enough fiber can help ease the symptoms and pains associated with IBS.
It helps to prevent certain health conditions – Eating fiber reduces the risk of developing diverticulitis, haemorrhoids, and gallstones and kidney stones. Fiber helps the body to be healthier and keep the blood sugar levels regulated.
It is important that fiber producers and the general public understand the value of fiber. It is important to offer these products to the public – for financial sustainability as well as the health of the community.

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